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Anti-cellulite massage benefits

Cellulite occurs mostly in women and is caused by poor blood circulation. Although it seems to have a hormonal component, after puberty, to a greater or lesser extent, almost all women suffer from it.

It occurs due to the accumulation of fat and toxins in certain areas of the body. These zines are thighs, legs, arms, intestines, or buttocks. This fatty tissue is trapped between the capillaries, forming lumps of varying degrees.

     Cellulite is of 3 types:

  • Soft, this is very easy to remove.
  • Hard, requiring specific treatments.
  • Sclerotic. This type of cellulite is also called orange peel or mattress and is much harder to treat than other types.

     The benefits of anti-cellulite massage

This massage is done with the help of essential plant oils and should be done after the shower, following the steps below:

  • First, you need to start with the bottom (from the ankle) to the hip. Vigorous movements should be done with your fingertips.
  • Hit the critical points of a fat accumulation from the bottom up with force, without injuring yourself.
  • When you’re done, imagine that you knead (to make bread or something similar). Hold on to the affected area and do the joint movement of the kitchen for a minute or more.
  • Remember to then make small pinches in the areas to be treated.
  • Towards the end of the anti-cellulite massage, I recommend putting a little oil in your hands and continue with gentle movements from the bottom up, slowing down the force and pressure.

Nowadays there are all kinds of devices on the market to remove this problem. One of those very good devices is the wooden one with small balls, which has the role of helping you complete the anti-cellulite massage. They are not very expensive and should be used when making upward movements.

In conclusion, with these tips, you will be able to benefit from a much softer skin if you are consistent. The benefits of anti-cellulite massage will be increased if we follow a proper diet and change a healthier lifestyle.