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How does thermochemical hair removal work?

    This method of hair removal is also known as thermal atrophy and has the role of helping people to permanently remove hair from any part of the body in an easy and painless way.

With its help, people can achieve total and permanent hair loss, because there is an atrophy of the hair root cells until they disappear. It is important to know the type of hair and that the method is applied correctly so that thermochemical hair removal is successful.

     Thermochemical epilation is applied as follows:

  • Use a chemical, with tricoatrophic activity, which acts on the hair cells causing their progressive degeneration and atrophy.
  • A thermotherapy system to apply the heat necessary for the good absorption of the product. This type of system must emit superficial and controlled heat; the temperature will be between 37 Cº and 44 Cº.
  • People can also use a mechanical hair removal system, for example, wax, which must be a low-temperature wax.

     In addition to these details, people should also know that there are 2 thermochemical hair removal caps. These are:

  •  The first way is through the probes that are used in most cases for small areas. This is a small applicator that continues to move until the product penetrates.
  • The second way is to use epilation strips. These types of bands have a wide range of thermotherapy and are used to remove hair in larger areas, allowing treatment in different parts of the body at the same time.

     Before resorting to this method, people should consider a number of questions before continuing to apply it:

  • First of all, it must be applied with great caution to people suffering from circulatory disorders.
  • If you suffer from varicose veins or dermatitis, avoid applying it
  • Specialists do not recommend their use for pregnant women.
  • After thermochemical treatment for hair removal, sun exposure and tanning lamps should be avoided.
  • If you know you have sensitive skin, the order of the hair removal process can be reversed, first, you can apply the wax and then the product with heat.