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How to cure sunburn

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In the summer, sometimes using protective cream is not enough. So, treating and combating sunburn is one of the summer goals. Therefore, it`s possile to cure the sunburn with home remedies very effective. As long as we have no allergy to the sun.

Relieve skin burns

All alternatives have one point in common: lowering the temperature of the affected area first, and relieving skin swelling ultimately. The skin is burned because of a long exposure to the sun, without taking much. When swimming and having fun, sometimes we forget to nourish the skin.

Water and baking soda

Ice is an ideal way to lower the temperature of flushed skin. We can accompany this cooling with the taking of some analgesic (ibuprofen or paracetamol). Also, a solution based on water and sodium bicarbonate to combat skin acidification.


Milk acids harbor calming properties. You just have to simply use soak a cloth or cotton gauze and place it on the painful area, but without rubbing.

Natural yogurt

The yougurt proteins help us to keep skin moist. Once applied, it should be washed with cold water ten minutes after it has been spread over the affected area.

Aloe vera

By housing anti-inflammatory characteristics and a high rate of hydration, it stands as one of the best solutions for healing sunburn (if you are not allergic to it).


Thanks to its acetic acid, the vinegar is used to relieve skin irritation. It is one of those most widespread and effective natural remedies of almost always.

Although these tricks on how to cure sunburn with home remedies, you should keep in mind that it is always better to prevent that to treat. How can you do that? Example: cover yourself with thin and fresh long-sleeved clothes, use factor 50 sunscreen every so often, as well as avoid prolonged sun exposure.

In conclusion, you should avoid leaving home in the hours when the sun burns and also you should consider your best allies to prevent sunburn.

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