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Emotions in the Growth of Children

“Emotional Intelligence” refers at the proper control,management of emotions and also the ability to recognize them.

Children’s emotions

This behavior is transmitted from parents to children and it has been shown that children from an early age are able to perceive the moods of their parents, even long before their birth.

Offering love and care, the family will be the first doctrine of emotional learning, DAD and MOM are the figures of attachment, admiration and role models of the children.

Handle Children’s Emotions

The way they manage their emotions will lead their children to an emotional journey, therefore, it is necessary that during the first months of life they understand that:

  • The infant needs mom or dad to identify with them, taking into account their basic needs.
  • Communicating through eye contact, caresses, gestures and a sweet tone of voice will transport your child to a warm and harmonious environment, full of tranquility and comfort.
  • Show respect, understanding and acceptance. Convey security and confidence this will affect you emotionally with your child.

In the first years it is recommended:

  • Listen to them, observe them and respect them. Showing your child that his emotions are meaningful will make him feel important.
  • Talk to him and help your child identify his emotions.
  • Walk with him, take him by the hand, guide him, love him, smile and hug him. This will make your child a HAPPY BEING.

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