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Natural home creams for hands and lips

     Why Natural Home Skin Care Creams?

If you want to buy a cream from the store, you do not know exactly which chemical compounds are part of its composition. So I recommend you make these creams yourself to make sure they are natural.

Home-made creams with natural ingredients will ensure that your body is well taken care of, that the skin will look radiant and healthy. The cost of these creams will be really low. Although there are many natural creams for all parts of the body, in this article I will show you some natural creams for lips and hands.

     Natural lip care creams at home

Lips are some of the most sensitive areas of the human face, because their skin dries very quickly because of the cold air or the sun, and for this reason, you must pay attention to them.

     Some natural creams that will keep our lips in perfect condition are:

  •  cream for cracked lips. It is prepared as follows: you will melt cocoa butter and mix it with coconut oil and pumpkin oil. Then they will be allowed to cool and the cream will be ready to apply.
  • cream for dry lips. This cream has the following ingredients: melt beeswax and mix it with the same amount of almond oil. Then it is allowed to cool and the cream will be ready to apply.

     Natural hand care creams

Hands are the part of the body that has the most to suffer, due to the tasks we do with them. The air, the cold, the soap are their enemies. Thanks to the natural creams you will eliminate the cracks and the dryness of the hands. These will help you have perfect hands.

     Some natural creams to take care of your hands are:

  •  vaseline and lemon cream. This recipe contains 10 grams of Vaseline and 8 drops of lemon. These 2 ingredients will mix then you will apply them on your hands throughout the night, and in the morning you will get a very good result.
  • cream of milk and lemon. This recipe is made of milk mixed with half a lemon, then soak your hands in this mixture for a few minutes, its effect is amazing.

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