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Intestinal flora and Candidiasis

If you take too many antibiotics, the intestinal flora will be annihilated, even for the moment, because the role of antibiotics is to destroy absolutely everything that gets in their way. If you suffer from a major infection, the priority is to kill the “bad guys”. It is very important that today you can take antibiotics, even in very small doses, through meat and water. The problem is when we take antibiotics recurrently and our intestinal flora is not properly rebalanced.

Candida can take advantage of the time when there are few bacteria that control them (some bacteria make Bacteriocin like a natural antibiotic that kills “evil”) to grow excessively and start a process of candidiasis. A very important thing to remember is that mushrooms like candida are not affected by antibiotics, so they will tend to occupy the free space left by the positive intestinal flora.

One of the best remedies to combat this problem is garlic. It can also be obtained in capsules or tablets and they are already prepared so that no one notices our smell of garlic. In addition to this method with garlic, and the extract of wild oregano and grapefruit seeds can be very useful. These natural remedies can be purchased from pharmacies.

Heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, etc., pass into our bodies by polluting the air, crops, fish that have accumulated due to contamination in that area or by dental amalgam with mercury, etc. Because of these metals, the balance of the intestinal flora can be affected, as they generate toxins in our body that weaken our friendly bacteria.

Diet is the main factor in regaining good bowel balance. In the first phase, I recommend that you eliminate foods that are too rich in sugar, sweets, juices or juices, or alcohol.

     Prebiotics are substances that are extracted from some vegetables, whole grains, and legumes that ferment in the large intestine. This fermentation produces short-chain fatty acids that will be an ideal food for intestinal bacteria. For a good intestinal flora, you must benefit from vegetable fiber, because it creates a soil suitable for its health.

Probiotics are those foods that have in their composition many bacteria that can help restore the intestinal flora. Many of them are known as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. They are obtained from fermented dairy products, such as plain yogurt or kefir.