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Medicinal plants

     These types of plants are responsible for the health care of people since their ancestors. People know that in all villages and towns there were “witches” or “healers” who were specialists in knowing all the properties of medicinal plants and knew which plant to use to treat the various health problems they were consulted about.

Unfortunately, these traditions have been lost due to the development of pharmacies, but there are still these remedies that can solve many health problems.

In every country in the world, there are medicinal plants that have allowed its inhabitants to take advantage of its many benefits to take care of their health.

Depending on the health problems you have, you can use different parts of the medicinal plant: root, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, or bark. Physiotherapists will advise us on the most convenient remedy for solving our health problems.

The benefits of these plants on your health are as follows:

  • I think everyone knows that these plants benefit from natural ingredients. All components of herbal remedies are natural, with no chemical components in their composition.
  • Their role is to strengthen people’s immune systems, and so they will improve the body’s natural healing process, strengthening the body’s immune system and natural defense.
  • Side effects are very few or in most cases not at all, so there will be little chance of causing an allergic reaction.
  • These remedies are very cheap
  • They serve more than one problem: most medicines are used only to try to solve a problem, and some plants work well in treating various health problems.