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The power of beets for your health

This, in addition to the fact that it has many positive effects on your health, is also very delicious. The study showed that the consumption of juice or beets is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Some research has already suggested that beets improve physical performance. Beets also have the role of stimulating mental performance, in short, it fights dementia.

There are people who say that by drinking a glass of beet juice before your fitness workout, you will get more performance during your workout. Do you find it strange? You may have never considered drinking this juice, as it is not very common. People who like sports have traded orange juice for this reddish juice after reading that some research by athletes has shown that beets help increase endurance and physical performance.

Chris Craver, a 46-year-old professional English runner, drank beet juice for a week before running in the Scottish Ultra Marathon, where he set a record for the previous year: he ran 224 kilometers in 24 hours. . And he certainly did, he ran 12.8 km more as if he had increased his training exercises. He says that his performance is due to the beets and considers that if it were not for the beets he would have had to train throughout the year to get the same results.

Studies have shown that beet juice is very good for increasing athletic performance. This is due to the nitrates in this root, which are also present in other vegetables, such as celery, cabbage (cabbage), salad, spinach, and other green vegetables with leaves.

Nitrites are neither vitamins nor proteins, much fewer fats, they are mostly nitric acid salts. Nitrite is also a salt but in this case nitric acid.

People who have done this study have shown that nitrites can be very helpful to the human body because they disconnect the blood vessels of the body, increasing blood flow, which allows oxygen to reach certain areas where it can be difficult to access.

Thus, for example, there are investigations that have found a relationship between the consumption of beets (beets) and the decrease in blood pressure (blood pressure), due to which substance? Of course: nitrates (or nitrites).

Foods rich in nitrates and beet consumption should be consumed by the elderly or those with cardiovascular, respiratory or metabolic problems.

The same researchers at Wake Forest University’s Translational Science Center in the United States conducted another study and confirmed that increased oxygenation and blood flow not only benefit muscle performance but also reach the brain. and would, among other things, combat the symptoms of dementia that may occur with age.

As people get older, certain areas of the brain do not receive adequate blood flow, which would be linked to dementia and other cognitive disorders that occur with age. (You can watch our video on dementia by clicking here.)

This discovery provides data to take care of memory and keep the brain active. For those who recommend doing mental exercises, there was 10 km of walking a week and now beet juice.