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Sex after cancer

Cancer and love – When you find such news, it can be shocking and can cause various moods, from desolation to anger. In phase 2 you will worry about the diagnosis, treatment and everything will follow. Some people will think about how their sex life will continue after treatment. In this article, I will call you more details on this topic.

Radiation, chemotherapy, the checks, and tests you have to undergo after receiving this negative news will make your body feel different. Besides these, thinking will be different, because it completely changed the way you edify the world and relate to others.

How do you think life goes from such a powerful experience? And what will sex be like after cancer treatment? It is very true that sex can be an encouraging factor that will allow you to maintain a good quality of life. In short, do not go into depression and do not turn your back, after all, you have gone through, this is not the time to give up.

In such situations, I recommend that you reconnect with your body and feelings, try to discover which things are pleasing to you and which are not. Your partner must know how to communicate with you and try to discover new ways to generate pleasure.

In most cases, cancer drugs and treatment will make you feel tired, reluctant, and your sexual desire diminishes. In women, they may feel vaginal dryness. These things should not discourage you, and on the contrary, you must find solutions to make you feel good. Don’t give up !!!

In another case, the treatment will change your physical appearance. For example hair loss after chemotherapy, scar after surgery, lack of breast, men may remain hypotensive after prostate cancer surgery. Such cases are depressing and disturbing, and it will certainly take some time for you to get used to seeing yourself and feeling different, but with the necessary support, you can move on.

That is why I recommend you to go through this stage as soon as possible and to accept your new figure and your new state of health. If you manage to accept the situation your desire and feelings can return, and you can enjoy again and feel pleasure. partner, it is very important to have their support and maintain an open and honest dialogue with him or her, in addition, you should keep in mind that sex is just one of the ways they can be close to having intimacy.

In case you are not married or have no partner, I advise you to seek advice to feel strong. There are also support groups you can call or attend. You have to be aware that each person is affected differently, and cancer is of several kinds. Try to talk to your doctor to see what you can do to overcome this difficult situation in your life. You need to feel comfortable with your partner or partner, talk about your fears and concerns about sex, or that you are referred to a professional who can help you.

In conclusion, the experiences of men and women who have gone through such situations are different and often encouraging. To go through such moments you have to put more effort and believe in yourself. So, cheer yourself up, life goes on and now, when you feel good and your cancer has been left behind, you don’t have to look at it. good sex life.

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