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Homemade shampoo recipe for curly hair

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     We have 2 types of curly hair, and those are the natural one with which you were born or the one obtained permanently. For both types of hair, you should pay special attention. The attention is due to the products you use. The products have the role of making your hair look perfect.

We must not forget that curly hair tends to be dry and easy to break, so we must carefully choose the products used for washing and moisturizing it. Instead, the scalp can accumulate fat. Getting a balance to keep your wavy hair perfectly hydrated without the appearance of fat is the basis for perfect curls.

This is why I recommend using a shampoo for clear hair, with neutral pH and a good moisturizer after washing. Its application is done with the help of the hands, avoid using the brush or comb, as they can break the hair. However, if we want to comb it, we must choose the comb very well, because any comb is not suitable for a coated pearl.

In this article, I will teach you how to prepare a homemade recipe for curly hair. We need:

  • apple cider vinegar, about a quarter cup
  • then another quarter of a concentrated sage infusion mug
  • a large strain of fresh aloe vera
  • and not at least ½ liter of neutral shampoo ph

Once we have all these ingredients, we must carefully extract the pulp from the aloe vera strain, then prepare a concentrated sage infusion, then put the aloe vera pulp, and the infusion is sage vinegar and apple cider in the blender. and mix until it becomes a homogeneous paste. Finally, we add the neutral shampoo and we have the shampoo ready.

The second homemade recipe for curly hair is chamomile and you will need:

  • chamomile flowers
  • 1 tablespoon and a half of glycerin
  • and last but not least 4 tablespoons of soap scales

After you have all these ingredients, make a drink of chamomile flowers, then add the soap flakes to the infusion and let them soften. In the last phase, you should add glycerin and mix well until you get the homemade shampoo for curly hair.

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